This election, and what it says about the continuing and triumphant reign of misogyny. profound-and-moving-defense-of-Hillary-Clinton-I-have-ever-seen

An oldie but goodie. Spot on. And more relevant than ever.

Disclaimer: the following was written awhile ago, when the Bernie supporters were at their most vocal and ubiquitous, so please excuse some of the overdone vitriol and the oft unfair generalisations towards him and his supporters.
From what I can tell, from what I’ve encountered, from the pool of people I know and things I’ve seen firsthand on social media, the Majority of Hillary bashers (I say bashers, not Bernie supporters, because I’m addressing those who spend more time vocally spewing and advertising vile hate against Hillary than promoting their positive support for their own candidate) are male, and those that are female happen to be women that have already demonstrated themselves to be blind trend-following bandwagon-hoppers, devoid of the ability to think for themselves, and/or just generally ignorant. (One female Bernie meme propagator that comes to mind is someone I have heard make racist comments multiple times, she thinks it’s funny, she thinks it makes her a ‘cool girl’/’one of the lads’). go away. Actually no. Stay. Listen. Read this. Read the article written above. That was written by a MAN. Be ashamed. Read some Mary Wollstonecraft (she published Vindication two hundred and twenty four years ago. Be ashamed) then read some Elizabeth Robins, Simone de Beauvoir, Laura Mulvey, John Berger, Naomi Wolf, etc… Then go out and make ’em proud. The enduring power of sexism and the atrophied state of feminism is as much on us as it is on them (the men).
But back to the point: Awhile back I conceded to a friend (male of course, white also, and thoroughly upper class in the traditional sense of the word) somewhat hastily that I’d probably rather be pals with Bernie than Hillary, but I would absolutely vote for Hillary as she was the most qualified, most realistic, and the most capable presidential candidate. I rescind that one hundred percent now, and am frankly embarrassed that I allowed hollow vehemence from my peers and media sensationalism cloud my judgment when I was less politically informed, back when Trump was still more of a joke than a danger… I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for Bernie in recent weeks. Before it was because he has not only fostered a group of downright haters who are hindering the course of progressive change they claim to support rather than help, he has hypocritically supported their negative anti-hillary claim. Now it is because his stubborn insistence to remain in the race exposes either his selfish motives or deluded ego- with a complete … of his party and the agenda he claims to believe in, that is again, either shameful or idiotic. Dividing the democratic party is more dangerous than ever, for reasons that shouldn’t need to be mentioned- the threat of Trump is like a real-life nightmare- how could any human being in their right mind, how could any human being with a concern for human wellfare, continue this partisan fight for a lost cause, when it comes at such a terrifying and potentially devastating cost? I am genuinely dumbstruck that we are where we are.

This is a DEFENSE against an ATTACK, which is a very different animal from HATE or PROPOGANDA . I express my own disappointment in Bernie, and welcome naysayers to explain to me the logic of his remaining in the election- if there are somehow pros that i have considered that outweigh the cons, if there is another option for his motives beyond the binary: ‘moron’ or ‘dickhead’, I will happily admit to prematurely and unfairly bashing him. However I have yet to hear an even vaguely convincing argument on this front.

*Addendum, this paragraph is now pretty irrelevant, as it’s just Hillary vs. Trump now. Rebuttals are fine of course but I’m no longer interested really in considering them at this point. Perhaps in three days, if this country chooses to not sign the death warrant for the entire planet, I will once again be intrigued in the opposite (liberal) side and once again desire to comprehend this quagmire fully. Fingers crossed eh?


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