In the last few months, according to The New Yorker, Amazon’s best sellers list in the non-fiction ‘gender studies’ category had two contradictory titles competing for the number one position.

1. Why Everyone Should Be a Feminist, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (a quick consultation with google has informed me that this text has now dropped to 7th place).
2. Gorilla Mindset (essentially a How-to guide on being an ‘alpha male’), by a man whose name it pains me to write (for fear of giving credence and adding grist to his revolting ploys for publicity, but I need to for necessity’s sake), Mike Cernovich. [Sidenote: I’m proud to say I needed to find the ripped pages of The New Yorker article to not only figure out how to spell the rodent’s name, but remember it at all- selective memory and amnesia can be wonderfully convenient sometimes].

The average ignoramus might deduce that this ‘fun fact’ indicates that, although feminism might not be winning against sexism, the battle is at least going strong, and is at least somewhat equal, even if the results are negligible. Alas, this is not the case. Firstly, one must analyze the content of both books to form any such conclusion with certainty, but if one were to take the liberty of making assumptions from the titles and descriptions of these books alone- those should provide evidence that the opposite deduction- sexism is still the victor and we have a long way to go before we even start tipping the balance of the scales in our favor- is far closer to the truth.

Sexism is winning, because blatant and abhorrent sexism is still permitted to be flagrantly advertised and self-congratulatory, it’s a damn bestseller. And the fact that a book called ‘Why Everyone Should Be a Feminist’ even needs to be written, in the twenty-first century, is a joke in itself. It should be dead obvious why everyone should be a feminist, and it’s a testament to our age of anti-intellectualism (which I personally feel this epoch should be named by future historians, if humanity even makes it to another epoch) that certain imbeciles still need the reasons to be spelled out for them. The simple fact that there still exist individuals who need to be convinced of the ‘merits’ (or, more accurately, the ‘human rights component’) of feminism for both genders, is a sad and telling tale about the western community in which we reside, and a terrible indictment on the status quo most of us readily and unquestioningly accept.


This topic, however, was not what ‘Trolls for Trump’, The New Yorker article that relayed these tidbits to me, was mainly about. Which is not to say that Andrew Marantz (a writer far subtler and calmer than I- hence his being employed by arguably the best and most important magazine in the U.S. and my typing this on my couch while finally succumbing to the blogosphere/social media/online-presence thing, in a double-barrelled attempt to stave off the ‘real job’ search and self-publish to maintain my self-ordained title as a ‘writer’), was not also making a vastly imperative and urgent point himself. And his subject matter; “the alt-right-a loose online affiliation of white nationalists… masculinists, conspiracists, belligerent nihilists, and social-media trolls” doing what they can for Trump’s campaign, and mine; the patriarchy has been getting away with too much for too long , are intertwined on practically every level- as the current election and state of the union speaks volumes on the universally atrophied state of gender equality (but for some reason, this amplification appears to be occurring at a wavelength imperceptible to human ears).

While reading Marantz’s piece, I experienced more moments of outrage and disbelief in twenty minutes than I had done in the last twenty days. The amount of underground cults and cretins spewing (and somehow selling) appalling sexist bullshit is as astonishing as the twisted character (or rather, caricature-like paradigm of the alt-right) Marantz chose to center his story around, Gorilla Mindset’s author.

[sidenote: I really wanted to post this without mentioning the Attention Manwhore by name (Attention Manwhore is how I shall refer to him from hereon out), because it nauseates me to think that I could in any way contribute to fulfilling his life objective of being noticed by as many people as possible (this is why parents need to pay attention to their kids, and also instil within them how important it is not to bully ‘losers’, as some of those losers will transform into entities as pitiful and ridiculous and dangerous as the Attention Manwhore).. But then I remembered human curiosity, and the fact that a google search of the title of his glorified toilet paper would be just as bad, so I highly encourage anyone who might read this, to please take my lead and refrain from googling his name, or god forbid, giving him, his websites and ‘products’, and anything remotely affiliated with him and his abhorrent peers, further hits/attention. I believe this piece I am writing now supplies enough links and information for the vigorous fact checker and/or researcher (both types are of course, extremely commendable) to generate better and more creative methods of learning more about this despicable example of the black side of humanity..]

Flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions upon reading ‘Trolls for Trump’, and discovering there are followings for websites that promote articles entitled ‘Would You Rather Have Feminism or Cancer?’ and so many misogynistic organisations that there actually exists one specific enough to launch ‘a vicious campaign against feminists in the video-game industry’ (could the motives of the members of these sorts of movements be any more transparent or pathetic?!). But all jokes (which they hand over to us ready-made) aside, how is this crap even allowed in our day and age? Why are these progress-reactionary movements, which Breitbart.com apparently encapsulates, not being compared to their counterparts of the past, like the Ku Klax Klan for instance? Are figurative attempts to lynch an entire demographic and their champions, not as mind-boggling, evil and shameful as literal ones (not to mention more threatening, for they remain distanced from legal condemnation and punishment, and are thereby infecting ideologies all the more successfully). And yes of course the parallels between Trump and Hitler have been drawn on countless, horrifying occasions, but can we please start talking about, and doing something about, all of the present-day nazi-equivalents, that have enabled the likes of the neo-Hitler Trump coming dangerously close to power?

A particularly harrowing (yet darkly humorous) moment in the text occurs when the Attention Manwhore, who peddles instructions on how to manipulate people and reconstruct reality to fit their own fantasies and feed their fragile egos, decries the “hoaxing media” that “has lost so much legitimacy” and claims he can’t be considered a “pure troll” because “pure trolls are amoral“.


It is just as rich as when Trump himself engages in this exact kind of obnoxious self-hypocrisy (see the numerous clips of the Republican nominee citing the right-slanted media favours Hillary and is plotting against his bloated white male self- when it’s estimated that the media has given the Trump camp three billion dollars in free advertising).

And those traits aren’t the only two similarities these two embarrassments to the human race share- the Attention Manwhore has also been accused of rape, is unapologetically deluded, and proudly accepts the mantle of poster boy for the All-American uneducated disenfranchised white males of this country.
And then there are the incredible amounts of unbelievable hypocrisies riddled throughout everything these demented people and their minions say and do- the Attention Manwhore for instance, amusingly has a resounding chip on his shoulder due to his working-class background. And somehow he thinks he has the right to resent class-oppression (which he describes as applying to anyone who hasn’t had any of the magical ingredients for success of “East Coast, Harvard, trust fund, nepotism”), while simultaneously being an active and leading proponent of another kind of widespread oppression?!

Marantz concisely explains the baffling mockery the Attention Manwhore makes of himself when he quotes from the pig’s own blog- “logic is pointless”. Yes, this much is clear Attention Manwhore, this much is abundantly clear. But it’s not only funny in its absurdity, it’s terrifying. For the Attention Manwhore and his compatriots are precisely the kind of parasites that thrive in the current anti-intellectual climate. They are predators of the self-satisfied, ignorant, pitchfork-happy masses, and reminiscent of the cockroaches and rats that will survive us all by gluttonously sating themselves on our decay.

The one gratifying aspect of the article though, is the Attention Manwhore’s backstory- my own inchoate psychoanalytical skills could have outlined the past that created this creature, with more or less efficient accuracy. His history is so cliched it’s as if he literally wrote it for our benefit (the women’s, the feminists’), to supply evidence for our cause. In fact it is one of the few things the Attention Manwhore has not invented. He grew up in the rural midwest, his first wife passed the bar test immediately after graduating law school while it took the Attention Manwhore nine years to gain admittance, it was only after his wife rejected him that he “reinvented himself as an alpha male”, and Marantz suspects that the seven-figure divorce settlement “seems to have been, and might still be, his primary source of funds.” So let’s get this straight, the Attention Manwhore’s probably living off the woman life demonstrated to him in no uncertain terms he was inferior to, to assert his and his sex’s superiority over women? First off: lolz. Secondly, this tragicomic tale literally has the compound of ‘WHITE MALE ENTITLEMENT’ & ‘INFERIORITY COMPLEX’ permeating every cubic millimeter of it. What else could be expected from an attention manwhore rejected by institutions and women, except embarking on a subsequent crusade against institutions and women (to soothe his wounded self-esteem and preserve the ego society inflated in him by default of the colour of his skin and the questionably sized appendage on his groin)?

I have about eighteen more books worth of thoughts, opinions, fury, and righteousness to share on this subject, but I’m going to stop (for now) and sum it up in one sentence. Moral of the story- Vote for Hillary. #Imwithher


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